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Voices from the margin's series


Code Red for Humanity Weekend

Awareness raising campaign that is aimed at alarming frontline communities on climate induced disasters.   


Msonkhano on Disaster Risk Reduction

This is an international day that opens an opportunity for people to acknowledge the progress being made towards preventing and reducing disaster risk and losses in livelihoods, economies and basic infrastructure in line with the international agreement for reducing global disaster risk and losses.

Southren Malawi

The Caravan of Hope Tour

This is a climate justice advocacy and solidarity action campaign for those in frontline communities that are most vulnerable and affected by the climate crisis. The campaign advocates for urgent climate action and a just and sustainable future inspired by and prioritizing (putting at the centre) the stories/voices from the margins.


Season of Creation

The Season of Creation is a monthlong prayerful observance that calls the planet's 2.2 billion Christians to pray and care for God's creation. It's a time to reflect on our relationship with the environment — not just "distant" nature, but, crucially, the place where we live — and the ways in which our lifestyles and decisions as a society can endanger both the natural world and those inhabiting it, both humans and other creatures.

Kasungu, ST/A Ndume

International Day of Forest

We will be closing the Laudato Si tree planting campaign with key messages to manage and protect the trees planted under the campaign.

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